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Marketing For Clinicians by Clinicians

As ex-clinicians we know that you would rather be focusing on your patient’s well-being rather than learning how to interpret Google Analytics or the latest in internet re-marketing techniques.

Contact CMS and allow us to take the strain, allowing you to take care of your patients and practice.

Transparent & Jargon Free

The world of internet marketing is full of jargon. We aim to be transparent in our dealings and reduce the amount of web jargon in our interaction. This is so you know that we are providing value for money and a great return on your investment.

CMS Specialisms

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for any business to make a return on their website investment. With Google updating part of their algorithm currently 5-600 per year, expert help is on hand. Keyword competition can be high in the medical sector and clinical owners need to plan ahead with expert guidance.

Paid Search (PPC)

PC (Pay Per Click) can be a very valuable addition to organic SEO but requires dedicated and professional management and optimization to maximize returns. We use proprietary techniques to achieve that for our clients, lowering the CPC and improving quality score, a key factor in how much a business will pay for each click. Call us for advice.

Penalty & Reputation

Millions of websites are penalized each year often without the business’ owners knowledge. CMS can assist you to determine if you have been affected and action a recovery.¬†Medical businesses live by their reputation. We can help you repair your most valuable asset and help protect it for the long term.


In most cases on the first visit, a very high percentage of web traffic will not become a new patient or sign up to a business mailing list. Wouldn’t it be great, if you had a low-cost second chance? That option exists with remarketing where highly targeted ads or videos can be used to keep your brand awareness high.

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