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CMS proprietary systems and software mean that clients can improve their Quality Score and lower their CPC. This means greater buying power and better ROI


Clients have the ability to change ads, change your plan with CMS and NO CONTRACT. We believe in happy clients and are confident in our ability to perform.


Highly localized based on location and keywords. Our research methods and testing mean that we can adjust and improve campaigns as we go, improving your ROI and lowering your CPC.


We do not stop at a successful ad campaign and leave it there. At CMS we work continuously to lower you CPC and increase your conversions and traffic.


We will set your campaigns up quickly after your review. This fact finding process is important to get to know your business, past, present and future goals.


Clients know how their ads are performing with our monthly reports and ongoing communication. You will never be in the dark.

PPC Optimization & Management

Careful management and skilled analysis are essential for a successful campaign

PPC is an acronym for “Pay Per Click” and is a form of paid advertising used by businesses of all sizes and on millions of websites. The major search engines also generate huge revenues from this form of paid advertising.

These advertisements are commonly seen when searching for a product or service and appear at the top and formerly the side of the regular search results in the Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

By contrast, the organic results are the companies and individuals that have their website ranked by the Google, Bing or Yahoo algorithms. This is known as their search engine ranking position, SERPS or the natural or organic results.

If you appear in one of these ad positions alongside the SERPS and a viewer clicks on your ad, then you will pay for that click.

Managing Paid Advertising

There is nothing to stop a business managing their own campaigns, however, there are some issues with this route.

  • It is time-consuming
  • PPC can be complex involving a great deal of data analysis
  • The platform and features change frequently, many of which are not obvious
  • It can be difficult to get a return on your investment in competitive niches without expert help

Because of these reasons, It requires an advertiser invest time and money if management is kept in house. Most businesses prefer to use management services if they are to get a good return.

There is a better way and that is management with optimization.

Manage & Optimize

Most successful advertisers utilize Pay Per Click (PPC) services or agencies, which are either;

  • PPC management – providers who simply manage adverts, keywords, and the account settings.
  • Management plus optimization with full testing.

Lowest CPC

Using PPC management plus optimization is essential. This is a much more comprehensive service where adjustments are made to the whole account ads, bids, adgroups and campaigns.

To really get a consistent and maximum ROI, both management and optimization are needed.

What are the Costs?

Other agencies have several cost models:

  1. Monthly management fee only
  2. Monthly management fee & percentage of expenditure on ads
  3. Cost per click in addition to advert costs
  4. A percentage of monthly expenditure on ads only

One Fee - No Extras

We believe in transparency and simplicity and for that reason we only charge one monthly management fee which makes it easier for our clients to budget their advertising costs. This is based on number of keywords. There are no hidden fees and clients pay Google, Bing & Yahoo directly.

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Proprietary methods for optimal client results.

Client Information


1. Consultation & Fact Find

To give our clients the best possible return on their Adwords investment, we need to determine what is the driving force of your business. This may include your immediate and long terms goals, past data, competitors, growth history etc. received all in total confidence.

When we have reviewed the information, we can then determine a general strategy, ad formulation, necessary budgets, and specifically your keyword choices and suggestions.


2. Review & Set Up

We will need to carry out some or all the steps below, depending on what stage your campaigns are currently.

a. Set up the account with your campaigns, overall settings, and ad groups

b. Add in your keywords (these may be broad, modified, phrases, exact and negatives which are dependent on the overall strategy)

c. Implement the adverts themselves

d. Obtain your approval, as our client


3.Test, data collection & analysis

If your account is relatively new or if we consider we need more data, the bids will be added manually.

This provides a starting point for our bidding systems to engage. Client’s accounts are monitored daily to ensure that normal progress is being made on each keyword and enables adjustment as necessary.

This also allows us to gather data on the on the campaign and begin implementing new ad and keyword ideas.


4.Optimization & Split Testing

The first stages of a PPC campaign on a new account provide a great deal of data which we can use to optimize and give our clients the best possible ROI.

This gives us valuable metrics like the best keyword groups and CPCs.

Once we are satisfied we have collected enough data we will use our proprietary bidding systems to keep the CPC as low as possible while carrying out daily monitoring each account.


What Happen's Next?

CMS continues to closely monitor the client’s account then perform a monthly review.

We can then begin testing new ads by performing split tests.

Our data collection is key to a successful campaign. The more knowledge we have on which ads convert for your particular audience the better.

Adwords Split Testing – What is it?

It is important for any business using CPC to carry out some form of split testing.

The reason being that some ad groups combined with different keywords get a higher click through rate than others. We can determine what they are.

With this information, we can optimize further and get our clients a higher ROI by lowering their CPC and increasing their bidding power for the same marketing budget.

Client Information



In paid advertising being highly efficient allows smaller businesses to compete with much larger companies, if they are more efficient in their set up process.

This means having an an agency who employs this technique and has analyzed the data correctly.

A higher click through rate (CTR) also improves your quality score which further lowers your cost per click (CPC).



To put it in very basic terms, if two companies are bidding on the same keyword but one has a higher quality score, that company will effectively have a lower CPC. This is because search engines favoring the bidder with the higher CPC.

This is because in effect the maximum bid is calculated by your CTR, multiplied by your quality score, even though the bid may have been the same amount in dollar terms.

This is partly because Google determines that the business with the higher quality score is more relevant to the term being searched.


Recent statistics show that while Google still retains the vast majority of the search volume in the US and Europe ( around 65% or more ) Bing, operated by Microsoft and Yahoo are still very worth the time an effort to run campaigns.  They usually offer significantly lower CPC’s and much usually lower competition from other businesses in most niches.

Recently Bing has been growing their share of the paid search market. This is in part likely due to the integration within Windows 10 operating systems of the Cortana feature, similar to that of Siri in iPhone and iPad.

While the traffic will be somewhat lower with Bing And Yahoo, the advantages are there and we offer combined plans with significant savings where a client can run campaigns for Google alone or combine with Bing and Yahoo.




Clients will receive separate monthly reports on their account performance which illustrates our management per keyword, CPCs, bids, and any other relevant information.

We understand that the bottom line is what matters to our clients in terms of traffic and ultimately sales conversions.

We, therefore, provide a monthly Google Analytics report which correlates with your campaigns. Here you can see which pages of your site are really attracting the most visitors and where there is room for improvement.

From this, clients will be able to determine the levels of increased traffic, conversions, how long visitors stay on each page and much more data. However, the most important metrics are how successful each campaign has been towards meeting their particular business goals.

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