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This document sets out the Terms & Conditions of Clinical Marketing Services (CMS) for clients and any other party conducting business with CMS

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Consultancy & Advice

CMS undertakes that all reasonable care will be taken when providing consultancy and advice to clients and other parties and that these parties understand and agree that the advice given may be based upon opinion and that CMS or any of the parties operating as, or within CMS will not be held liable now or any time in the future.

It is not possible for any guarantees or warranties to be given with regard to search engine rankings or performance from any services due to the large number of external factors beyond the control of CMS that determine the outcome of any given search engine ranking, the return on investment from any given organic or paid search campaign such as Google AdWords or other modality that a client may choose to employ. 

CMS or any individual within CMS will not be responsible or have any liability for any loss of website traffic, material or financial loss in profits or revenues, costs, expenses or any other claims due to the multitude of factors which determine this outcome.

These external factors include but are not limited to

a/ Actions of direct competitors in the client’s niche which are beyond the control of CMS

b/ Non-Implementation of CMS recommendations by the client

c/ Changes in algorithm or policy of any given search engine

Search Engine Rankings

CMS cannot be held responsible for any reduction or loss of internet search engine ranking position.

Consultancy or fees charged for advice will be paid in advance of work being undertaken and will not be refundable.

The time taken for a specific search term to rank in any search engine can not be guaranteed due to the number of factors involved, however CMS will advise clients as to the likely outcome with the information available at the time.

Provision of Data and or Documents to CMS

To provide the best advice and consultancy possible and In the normal course of business CMS will require the client to provide information relating to their business and operation.

This information will remain confidential and only be used in connection with providing services for the client.

CMS or any party within CMS shall have no liability for the loss of this data and clients must ensure they have their own back-up data available to them for their own purposes.

CMS or any party within, shall not be held liable for any decision or advice provided to the client if the information requested by CMS is supplied incomplete, incorrect or outside of the required timeframe. They shall also not be held liable in any way, if the information provided by the client is inaccurate.

Cancellation of Services

CMS in most circumstances do not require a fixed term contract as we are very confident in the services which we provide.

However, as a very significant proportion of client budget is used to further the business of the client we require a minimum of one month’s cancellation in writing sent to the email address below.

Consideration of refunds for services are at the sole discretion of CMS management and any requests should be sent to giving full details of your request and the reasons for such request.

The use of CMS services and website (s) implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.