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1. Threat Assessment

Client reputation issues are often of a similar nature but our response is always bespoke, confidential and secure. We undertake to research what is presented to us and expand that search on line using proprietary methods. The purpose is to locate any unidentified searches connected to the incident. We then determine using our experience and judgement how to mount a campaign to negate the threat to the client’s reputation.

2. Enhance and Optimize

The goal is to expand, enhance and optimize the client’s online profile so that any negative damaging content or reviews are overcome and are no longer visible or as prominent online. Sometimes this can take time depending on where the results are located and how prominently they feature.

The quality content we produce is positive, informative and is designed to counter anything that can be creating an issue in the professionals’ online footprint.

This can through be a variety of on line media including articles and press releases or bespoke articles syndicated through networks all designed to increase the positive aspects of the client. This can also include professional profiles such as LinkedIn or other platforms, social media expansion and increasing positive awareness.

3. Reinforce and Safeguard

We know that in some cases if clients are being targeted, there may be subsequent occurrences where new often totally false content starts to rank on line. This is the primary reason that we offer an ongoing service as an insurance against this eventuality.

Repairing an online reputation takes ongoing effort and each case is naturally different. Our service is effective, efficient and bespoke and sensitive to each client’s situation.

Ongoing Monitoring

It is important that the client is aware how the relevant their profile searches are performing over time. These require careful monitoring and adjustment to ensure they achieve the desired ranking and remain there over a long period.

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Take Control Of Your On Line Reputation

Past studies have shown that when prospective patients are making a decision on whether to visit a health professional, their on line reputation is one of the most important factors.

After all they are entrusting their most valuable asset – their health and wellbeing.

Studies also show that nearly 40% of patients have chosen a medical professional based on the number of good reviews available on line. A similar number have also made the decision not to use professional because of neutral or negative reviews.


False Allegations & Legal Action

It is common knowledge how easily news stories can be biased or distorted without possession of the full facts. These can also begin to show up in the search engines results and on social media.

These can also begin to show up in the search engines results and on social media.

The effects upon a practitioner or clinic’s reputation can be severe, causing great financial loss, emotional stress and even regulatory body action. It is simply not worth risking a reputation that may have taken a lifetime to build.

Protection Against Future Events

We believe that short term management of one event is not enough to guard against potential negative future events.

We will continue to monitor and protect the professional’s presence on line and ensure that it is both strong and positive in nature.

We Respect Your Time is of Value

As a healthcare professional, we know how time is a factor and we offer a service which takes away the extended time and stress of dealing with online issues.

Reporting & Communication

We will report to our clients regularly with current rankings and progress on our campaign so you will be aware of the progress being made.

We will listen to your needs and concerns and do everything possible to resolve any issues you may have.

Confidentiality & Discretion

Clients can rest assured that all dealings are kept under strict confidentiality and all our services are carried out with the utmost discretion.

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