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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is an area in which CMS are experts and where we can help your business get in front of the optimal audience in the organic search results. Search engine algorithms, to a certain extent change very frequently and to give clients the best service possible, we test and re-test our results over thousands of sites correlating changes and using existing, new and effective “white hat” strategies to give our clients the results they need in the shortest time possible.

Pay Per Click Optimization (PPC)

The best returns come when a PPC campaign is well structured and expertly planned from the start. At CMS we often find that in the clear majority of cases, client accounts are not set up in such a way to optimize their PPC return. This is often due to the complexity of the task and that clients are often inexperienced in the nuances of account set up, campaign research and implementation. This will of course affect Quality Score and increase Cost Per Click (CPC). At Clinical Marketing Services we take the stress out of making your PPC campaigns offer  the best return possible.


Re-marketing or re-targeting as it is also known, is great way to reconnect with visitors to your website that did not initially act by purchasing or signing up to your list. This is done by presenting this traffic with a highly targeted program of ads on other websites that are part of the Google Display Network.

Re-marketing is a great way to increase brand exposure and often will increase your conversions very significantly. It is an effective medium to long term strategy. One of the great advantages of presenting ads to traffic that is aware of your brand, is the conversion rates are often significantly higher. Cost per click is often very much lower due to the varied nature of the websites, that make up the Google Display Network.

Reputation Services

At CMS, our Reputation Services are designed to reduce or totally mitigate the affects of negative content posted on the web about a client. This could be in the form of a simple negative review or something more orchestrated like an organized campaign.

In all cases we carry out a thorough assessment and review, then consulting with the client and developing a bespoke program which is discrete and effective.

We also offer a program to insure against further negative events,  if required.

Search Engine Penalties

Google and other search engines penalize hundreds of thousands websites every year, for contravening their policies on content, link building and many other areas. You many not be aware that your business or personal website has been affected, as not all penalties are notified to the owner.

A business may find that their website is simply not performing as well in search as it should. CMS will carry out an assessment and consult with the client and if the site has been negatively affected by a penalty,  a program of action to correct the issue put into place.

Web Design & Conversion Optimization

The design and user experience of a website is critical if it is to achieve the desired result for the client. The look and esthetic appeal are naturally of great concern, but there are other vital areas such as conversion optimization, which must be addressed.

With a below par user experience, the conversion rate will often be lower than required which also will be seen in reduced user metrics.

These are in turn, important as a organic search ranking factor so a failure in one area can create a cycle of lower rankings, poor user experience, lower conversions and ultimately a website that does not meet the clients expectation for their business.

Let CMS assist on improving the user experience of your website.

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