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MORE Business From Your Marketing Budget

Get More From Your Marketing Budget

Retargeting is a highly effective and powerful tool to increase the business generated from your website.

How It Works

By displaying highly targeted ads or videos directly to visitors who have previously visited your website, but left without taking action. We are also able to display ads to your competitions’ traffic.

  • Increased Business from the past traffic 
  • Improves website rank in Google
  • Keeps brand awareness high
  • Allows contact for around 6 months per visitor
  • Free to show ads to past visitors
  • Low cost per click model
  • Gathers valuable ad data

Using remarketing is an effective method to recover business from past site visitors which have already engaged with your company. These visitors are therefore much more likely to buy from your business.

How does it Work?

When a visitor comes to a website, a cookie or a digital marker may be placed on their browser to track the visitor’s actions. There are also other methods which avoid cookie clearance measures.

These cookies relay visitor information for specific retargeting ads to appear but do not store sensitive information relating to the visitor.

Reasons Why Retargeting Works

These visitors have already expressed interest in the type of service on offer and are aware of your brand. This significantly increases the chances of an appointment being made with your clinic or a sign up to your patient mailing list.

Studies have shown that one of the key factors in converting traffic to actual patients is maintaining a high level of brand awareness and displaying relevant content to their situation. This is essentially the purpose of remarketing.

Same Budget - More Business

The majority of visitors, approximately 90-95% to a website do not buy there and then. This means website owners are losing a great deal of the cost to acquire that visitor for good.

Prospective patients may not make an appointment for a consultation for several reasons.

They maybe unsure if the clinic is the right fit for their needs.

The user experience of the site may not have been to their liking and a whole host of other factors.

This is why before embarking on a remarketing campaign, we suggest that any business suffering a significant amount of abandoned pages, also examine their user experience.

Attain Higher Returns On Marketing Budgets

When using Retargeting your return on investment is in most cases much higher than using blanket untargeted ads, as the prospect is pre-qualified.

  • They are looking at medical service providers websites
  • They are aware of your brand
  • They have already made the decision to visit your website

Often using a targeted ad or specific offer is enough to encourage visitors to return to your website with a much greater chance of conversion to become a patient or client.

The Cost Of A Campaign

  • Displaying your banner ad or video is free apart from the ad production.
  • The only cost is when a visitor clicks and returns to your site.
  • Using banner ads and videos in remarketing campaigns can be very cost effective indeed.
  • There are millions of sites in the Google Display Network many of them are very low cost to use, often pennies on the dollar.

You Control The Budget

Your budget is set by you alone and at a limit, you are comfortable with so it will never get beyond your desired marketing budget. We recommend adding 10% for variation but this can also be factored in.

Retargeting Helps Website Ranking

One of the important factors that search engines use to determine where your site will rank, is quality traffic flow.

When using remarketing, business owners are in effect recycling traffic they have paid for only once, but receiving a second benefit.

More Quality Traffic

The traffic flow is increasing your sites organic search ranking as each visitor’s metrics are recorded by Google.

Search engines view this returning traffic as a very positive “vote” for your site and business quality, for that group of search terms.

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